R.H. Sin Makes a Lot of Noise Through His Poetry

Reuben Holmes, who goes by the pen name R.H. Sin, has managed to carve himself a niche as an Instagram poet. Based in New York, his journey to stardom began in 2014 he began writing epigrams and short, satirical poems made specifically for social media. Using Twitter first taught him how to say less and still make a point. Now, his very specific goal is to write 7,222 words per day.


His hard work and dedication paid off, and now with more than 1.7 million (!) followers on Instagram, he’s a force to be reckoned with. “I came into 2016 with 251,018 followers,” he told the Newyorker, talking about his rise to fame. “I entered 2017 with 515,164. I am a workhorse. I think a lot of people in my industry are content with the ‘struggling artist’ ideology. I’m not. On any given day, my account brings in 600,000 to one million ‘likes.’ The object is to be seen or heard, and I make a lot of noise.”

And when it comes to his online success, he’s very much committed. “Your account should be growing, you should also be growing. Evolving is the point,” he stressed. “People bulls**t in our niche, they say follower count doesn’t matter but how in the hell do you expect to reach this generation if they’re not following you in some form or capacity?”

Aside from making noise, his goal with his writing is a feminist one. “My words are what I would say to my sister, my mother, or the women I want to protect,” he added. “Even after being hurt by a woman in the past, I understood where it came from and why she was the way she was as soon as I met her father, the man who had broken her heart long before she’d even known me.” 

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