Tess Shearer’s Designs Will Lift Your Spirits

Illustrator Tess Shearer describes herself as a girl boss and creative hustler. “All of my life, I have been extremely imaginative and always sought ways to channel this into something creative,” she writes on her website. “That’s why when I left high school early, I went to college to study Art & Design, as well as Theatre Costume Design.”

After working some time as a freelance fashion designer as well as a jewelry designer, and even opening her first jewelry business, Shearer decided she wanted to start from fresh, with a new focus. “I wanted a new business where I could apply everything I had learnt, that didn’t show my history of rookie mistakes,” she admits.


That fresh start turned out to be House Of Wonderland — a brand that designs colorful gifts that include greeting cards, enamel pins, phone cases, and – of course — jewelry. “I started the amazing House of Wonderland in 2012, and since then our lives have never been the same,” says Shearer. “My mission ties in with the business name,” she says, explaining that she wants to become the home of wonderful things. “I want people to have something in their lives that they can look at and remember that they are awesome and they have people that love them,” she further relayed.

“I had to start with selling some simple beaded earrings, although completely different to where I am now, it was enough to get through the first few years which were a bit of a struggle,” she admits. “I consider my entire business and a huge achievement! I still find it hard to believe I’ve been able to get where I am today, doing the things I love.”

We’re all for her positive vibes.