Roberts Rurans’ Illustrations Are Both Artsy and Approachable

Roberts Rurans is known for his unique style of illustration — a blend between modern aesthetics (characterized by visual simplicity) and traditional techniques, influenced by early modernist painters. A freelance illustrator based in Riga, Latvia, Rurans says that while his style is “artsy” it’s important for him to still be approachable so as not to lose the potential for commercial use. 

“I’ve heard my work evokes a smile, excitement and positive feelings in general,” he told Sense of Creativity. “It comes out naturally and I think it’s for the good as this world can be a pretty dark place.” But while humoristic in nature, his illustrations also have an eerieness to them, with his characters drawn without eyes, noses or eyebrows, making them look somewhat detached.

“I try to simplify forms and avoid the inclusion of small details in my compositions as they’re usually unnecessary both visually and conceptually,” explains Rurans. “Mouth and body language are enough to convey emotions, so I go with that.”

Working mostly with acrylics, Rurans notes that he enjoys making tangible things, like paintings or prints. “Everything I do is hand-painted with acrylic on paper with the addition of some digital cleaning and post-production in the end,” he explains his creative process. “Work is a pleasure, really,” he says, “plus you get a flexible schedule and positive feedback from the clients and society in general. What’s not to love?”

Indeed, what’s not to love?