Sarah Maple’s Thought-Provoking Art Grabs Your Attention

Feminist artist, Sarah Maple, doesn’t shy away from controversy. Considered an important voice in the English art scene, her works aim to challenge ideas about identity, religion, and the status quo.

Inspired by her mixed religious and cultural upbringing, her bold artwork, film, and performances have been exhibited at galleries and institutions including Tate Britain, Golden Thread Gallery, and Tallinn Art Hall.

“Initially I just liked drawing, painting and writing,” she told Powder Zine. “After a while, I realized I was quite good at it. I started studying art and realized, as cheesy as it sounds, art gave me a voice.”

“I realized I could get across the things I wanted to express through this media. It’s the most exciting thing in the world to me. I love making art that touches people or makes them think about something in a new light.”

“I think in daily life I feel powerless but in my art, I don’t,” she admitted. “I feel like I can be loud and sensationalist and attention-grabbing, it’s the exact opposite of what I am as a person.”

Check out some of her work below.