The Crowbar Comics Will Catch You Off Guard With Unexpected Twists

The Crowbar Comics is a fast-rising series of comics that are capturing the attention of social media users with a unique drawing style, relatable topics, and witty jokes. Best of all, they always manage to catch you off guard, delivering an unexpected twist.

The Crowbar Comics usually starts with a familiar setting. There is an everyday situation that most people can relate to. However, those moments quickly get turned upside down with a single panel or a few lines of text.

In a recent chat with Bored Panda, the creator of The Crowbar Comics shared some insights into their creative process. As it turns out, the process isn’t as simple as some might think. They pick out a random word, then come up with all sorts of unusual situations that could happen around it, and only then the comic start to come to life.

“I’ll often start sketching the concept and modify the dialogue, keeping it as short and effective as possible. Then, if it graduates the sketch phase, it gets color and ink,” they explained.

More than 21K users are following The Crowbar Comics on Instagram, while the page has an additional 11K followers on Facebook. Check out more of these funny comics below, and we’re sure you’ll want to become one of them.