Adam Rush’s Ceramic Creations Have Unique Personalities

British artist Adam Rush’s approach to ceramics isn’t something you see every day. He creates pieces that are somewhat weird, but curiously captivating, thanks to the fact that each seems like it has its own personality.

Rush’s ceramic creations, ranging from jugs to teapots and mugs, are known for their imperfect shapes and being adorned with representations of a human face. Each piece comes with slightly different facial features and expressions, some smiling, others frowning, and some having a surprise look. This touch makes them uniquely stand out among the crowd.

For some of the pieces, Rush teamed up with his twin brother Stuart, who is also an artist. The two frequently collaborate together, having similar motivations and ideas they want to present with their work, only in a different medium. 

“We touch upon their reality of anxiety, depression, and temporality with an occasional touch of humor,” the Rush brothers describe their works. “In result showing expressive and touching artworks which develops an instant connection with the viewer.”

Rush frequently updates his social media with new collections and ceramic pieces. You can check out more of them by continuing to scroll.