Self-Taught Needle Felting Artist Creates Miniature Realistic-Looking Dogs

When back in 2013 Cindy-Lou Thompson, recovering from a serious illness, got interested in needle felting she was unable to find any information about the craft in her homeland, the UK. She purchased some needles from America, persuaded her local sheep shearer to give her some raw fleeces, and started watching needle felting videos on YouTube. Nowadays, she is an international award-winning artist and owner of a small business called Chicktin Creations.

“Each sculpture teaches me something new, which might be a different shaped nose, or coat color and texture, or unique eyes, resulting in pushing my boundaries of knowledge and experimenting with different mediums to enhance features,” Thompson shared on her personal website.

While creating her artwork, the self-taught needle felter, who specializes in breeds of dog, uses various mediums, like polymer clay and leather to create noses, mouthparts, and accessories, collars, harnesses, etc.

Miniature dogs aren’t the only creations she shares with the world. On her Instagram page, you can find all kinds of animals, both domestic and wild.

Check them out below.