Self-Taught Nigerian Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Portrait Drawings

People always have a hard time believing that the portraits made Arize Stanley are not photos but in fact drawings. This self-taught Nigerian artist is so crafty with a pen and paper that he is able to create hyperrealistic works that look like they could only be produced with a camera.

In order to achieve such an effect, Stanley spends hundreds of hours working on his drawings, making sure to correctly detail subjects’ skin wrinkles, hair, and even sweat.
According to his website, Stanley “drives at creating art that triggers a degree of emotional connection between his viewers and his subjects.” He also uses “his works as a medium for social and political activism, highlighting pressing matters both in his community and worldwide, matters including Modern slavery, feminism, and others.”

This talented artist won several awards for his works including the American Art Awards in 2017 for World’s Best Self-Portrait and Junior Chambers International’s Cultural Achievement Award in 2018.

You can check out some of his works below.