Sharks Swim In Mid-Air In Chris Austin’s Surreal Paintings

Sharks are mysterious creatures that wander in the depth of the ocean and only one thought of this creepy predator can send chills down our spine. However, artist Chris Austin hopes to end their bad reputation with his latest series of paintings.

This self-taught painter and illustrator created surreal paintings that depict sharks swimming in the air, roaming through snowy landscapes and green forests. In an interview with Colossal, Austin says he’s always been fascinated by the vast elusiveness of the ocean and he wants to help people understand it better through his art. “As of lately, the shark is one of the most feared things on the planet and I’d like to help change that perspective through my work,” he said.

In order to create these magnificent works of art, the painter needs a lot of time to prepare and do research on the subject.

“I begin with a lot of reference photo material research, followed by a digital mock-up. Afterward, I sketch on paper, then paint to a surface,” Austin described his work process.

 Check out these amazing paintings in the photos below.