Woman Decorates Cakes Inspired By Photos Her Friends Sent

Miri Nadler is the talented baker behind the colorful Instagram account named 10 Bloom Cakes. What makes Nadler’s work so unique and exceptional is that she decorates her cakes using the color palette from photos that her friends send her.

This creative baker has spent years perfecting her cake decorating style, using only buttercream to decorate her mouth-watering creations. After she perfected her skill, Nadler decided to challenge herself and start this interesting project.

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She asked her friends to send her pictures from the web that inspire them and to name one flower. Then she would use their suggestions as inspiration for creating her cakes.

“I pull colors from each image, and design my cakes based on those color profiles and incorporate the flower of choice into my cake. The result not only keeps me sharp as an artist, but I am also always surprised at how pleased I am with the results,” Nadler wrote for Bored Panda.

Nadler says she needs one to five hours to finish decorating her cake, and this depends on the size and the difficulty of the project.

Take a look at her Instagram profile to see more painted cake designs.