Check Out Kasia’s Expressive Illustrations

Edinburgh based illustrator, known by her first name Kasia, hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since graduating from the University of Marie Curie Sklodowska in Lublin Poland with a Master’s Degree in Arts, her work has been showcased at Berlin’s Biennale of Illustration and Graphic Art, blue-chip gallery Walton Fine Arts in London, and various exhibitions.

Her commercial work has also proved successful with clients as huge as Apple, ASOS, and New Look. Currently based in Leith, Edinburgh, where she works as a freelance illustrator from her home studio, you can often find Kasia collaborating with boutique stores and brands.

But it’s her vibrant illustration style that first caught our attention. Describing her creative style as “obsessive perfectionism,” her characters often seem cold and detached, either too cool for school or wholly depressed. “Art is a powerful tool it has that unique ability to engage individuals in a very deep and personal way,” she stated in an interview with Jung Katz. “It’s like the door to other people’s minds and hearts. When people open them to you, you receive a rare chance to show them the world, through your own eyes.”

Hoping that her work conveys emotions she says that she wants her illustrations to articulate the feelings she felt while making the piece, weather its happiness, euphoria, heartache, or grief. “I try not to tiptoe around the subject,” says Kasia, “instead, I want to examine and explore these sensations with a scalpel.”

Take a look at some of her more expressive illustrations: