Street Artist Casts Shadows of Phrases on the Streets

Street art is always considered as a nuisance, especially when it involves painting on public buildings. This artist found a way to pass a meaningful message through his street art.

The artist, only known pseudonymously as DAKU, installed an interesting text-based work on the streets of Panjim in Goa. He placed these writings on the 31st January road using a fishnet structure that suspends the letter above all pedestrians. When the sun rays hit the letters, they reflect on the street, casting shadows with deep writings. The region enjoys a lot of sunlight, and this installation spells out tropes about how time passes.

Some phrases include “Time works wonders. Time moves. Time flies over us but leaves its shadow behind. Time fades. Time is an illusion.” Despite being a temporary installation, it was supported as part of the Start Goa festival. Language is often integrated into these urban inventions and they definitely has some lessons for everyone.