Street Artist Paints Adorable Characters On Discarded Food Cans

Renowned street artist My Dog Sighs keeps proving to us that we can use almost anything to create beautiful and inspiring art! For the past 10 years, he’s been turning discarded food cans into mesmerizing pieces of art for a project called Free Art Friday.

My Dog Sighs started this project with fellow artists and their mission is to breathe new life into old materials found on the streets. They later leave these pieces on the street for people to find and take home. My Dog Sighs chose to paint beautiful characters on discarded cans.

“If I can show how, with a little love, creativity, and effort, how even a rusty old food tin can become so cherished, that people are willing to take it in and give it a new home, then maybe what I thought was a personal street art project from someone not brave enough to paint on walls is actually a heavily socio-political act that causes us to look at homelessness and consumerism in a different way”, the artist told *My Modern Met*.

Take a look at his amazing artwork in the photos below.