Street Artist Paints Murals While Floating on a Surfboard

New York-based artist Sean Yoro expresses his fantastic painting skills while floating on his surfboard. Born in 1989 in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, Yoro (also known as Hula), emerged onto the street art scene in
2015 with his realistic-looking murals.

His art is spread across walls that are adjacent to water, and so the idea to use his surfboard was only natural. The self-taught artist paints using traditional oil painting techniques of loose brushwork combined with tight sharp lines to make his portraits look even more realistic.

In his new series, titled A’o’ Ana or the Warning, Hula uses fractured slabs of ice as canvas and applies similar techniques onto a selection of icebergs from a melting glacier. And, though these paintings won’t last long the artist hopes that his art will have a long-lasting effect, by shedding light on the effects of global warming.