“Succession” Meets “The Royal Tenenbaums” in This New AI-Made Trailer

Image via Artsy Algorithm/YouTube

Reimagining popular movies and TV shows in the style of legendary director Wes Anderson with the help of artificial intelligence has become quite popular in recent months.

As it turns out, the AI does a great job in taking key characteristics of Anderson’s works, like his use of specific color pallets, ubiquitous symmetry, and narration, and applying them to other cinematic works. And we are all here for it despite the fact that the director himself might not like it as much, according to his recent statements.

After various creatives and AI enthusiasts previously turned Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and even The Godfather into Anderson-directed features, the YouTube channel Artsy Algorithm now decided to do the same with the super-popular HBO series Succession.

Artsy Algorithm’s project is quite interesting since it actually meshes together Succession and Anderson’s comedy-drama The Royal Tenenbaums. And if you watched both, you know this makes quite a lot of sense despite their obvious tone differences. Both are about dysfunctional families with a lot of similarities between the primary protagonists.

Fittingly, Artsy Algorithm’s mashup between Succession and The Royal Tenenbaums is titled The Royal Roys. Check out the trailer for it below.