Sweet Adventures in Pastry-Themed Lilliput

In art, it’s not unusual to make a connection between two things that seem completely unrelated and then somehow make a valid point. Matteo Stucchi a pastry chef that makes this kind of unusual combinations in his everyday work. 

Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s famous novel Gulliver’s Travels, this innovative chef combines tasty pastry with miniature people to create attention-grabbing stories that are just so sweet. The scenes he creates seem frozen in time and are the perfect combination between the most delicious pastry recipes and the charming world of miniature figures. 

On his Instagram profile, you can see how the miniatures struggle to conquer a bignè planet and make their first steps on that unknown area, or how a decontamination team is checking out the marshmallow cream on the raspberries to make sure it’s safe to eat. And then, the most exclusive attraction that Stucchi’s imagination has to offer – baking cookies through a circle of caramelized fire! 

When it comes to recreating scenes and activities of daily life in the form of miniature dessert-themed scenes, the noble art of this Italian conquers not only the eyes, but also the heart. Check out the adventures that happen in Lilliput and be prepared for some serious sugar cravings!