Artist Makes Sculptures Out Of Her Hair

It’s incredible what can be achieved with some skill and high doses of imagination. Laetitia creates art like we’ve never seen before – her canvas is her hair.

Laetitia is a young woman who has taken the world of braids and ethnic hairstyles by storm, bringing hairstyling to a level of conceptual expression in which she combines sculptural art with her own unique ideas, instead of simply achieving aesthetic results. Laetitia is the muse and model of her own designs and has a legion of almost 300 thousand followers on Instagram. 

She says she finds her inspiration in the hairstyles that women used to wear in some African tribes before the colonization. The artist performs the entire process all by herself, from the design of the hairstyle and the execution of it to the bold photoshoots she makes with a self-timer. Each image has a strong message about different subjects like violence and gender equality, but some also have a funny note.  

Enjoy her masterpieces!