Talented Makeup Artist Glams Up Mannequin, the Result is Astonishing

Makeup artist, Tailormadejane, on Instagram, recently went viral after she posted a video of her amazing makeup skills. The artist has been working with mannequins in the past, but this was her best work yet.

She used so many premium products to create the look. The products blended seamlessly as she applied them on the rubber face. She didn’t leave any detail out in creating this look. Tailormadejane started with the foundation, using a mix of two foundations; a darker shade and a lighter one.  After blending it in, she focused on the areas she wanted to highlight using a lighter shade concealer. This was followed by translucent powder to set the makeup.

The talented makeup artist then moved to the eyebrows and carefully drew them on. After this, she used some concealer on the eyebrow areas to define the brows and applied some eyeshadow. She finished off by adding some lash extensions. Watch the video below.

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