The Sleepy Bee Studio Will Encourage You to Handwrite Your Letters

Fans of all things stationery? You’ll love the Sleepy Bee Studio! Launched in Cambridge in 2019 by husband and wife team, Gavin and Charlie (who go by their first names only), their products are lovingly handmade with high-quality materials, presented as beautiful keepsakes meant to be cherished.

While Chalie is an illustrator and product designer, Gav, a graphic designer himself, is a more behind-the-scenes sort of guy, in charge of the artwork set-up, and managing print production as well as the technical side of the products and social media. They also have a cat, Mr. Miaow, who acts as CCEO (Chief Cat Executive Officer), involved in all elements of the business.

“Mister Miaow’s job is to wait till I’m working on something very important and launch himself ninja-style onto my desk,” joked Charlie in an interview with the Printed blog. “He’ll flump himself onto whatever I’m drawing or making.”

According to Chalie, though our world is fully immersed in all things digital, there is still a real need for stationery. “I’ve asked a lot of people to recall the last time they sent or received a lovely handwritten letter,” she says. “Hardly anyone could remember. There’s no getting away from the ease of an email, but I really hope that by selling these products I can get as many people as possible taking a little time out of their day to correspond to a friend or loved one with a letter.”

Sleepy Bee Studio’s products include notebooks, postcards, letter paper, envelopes, and gold-foiled logo stickers. They have also designed illustrated tissue paper that’s printed using soy ink and added in self-adhesive wax seals to the range to give it a lovely finish. The gift sets also come with little handmade faux-leather envelope pencil pouches. In other words: it’s all quite wonderful.