These Playful Designs Remind Us of the Joys of Being a Child

Children’s illustrator Carla van der Meer, established her brand Poppekins soon after the arrival of her first child. “I designed her birth announcement and I really loved working on the illustrations,” she recalled in an interview with the Printed blog.

A fashion designer for more than 20 years, she also needed a creative outlet after the massive change of being a stay at home Mum. “Luckily she did a 3-hour nap a day, which gave me the chance to draw and experiment,” she says. “My first illustrations were mainly colorful animals, personalized name prints and cartoons.”

Four years and one child later, her brand serves as a joyous celebration of childhood and the spirit of playfulness. Though simple, van der Meer’s designs and illustrations are precise in their composition and choice of color, with her work ranging from prints and cards to custom made birth announcements, party invites, and portraits.

A proud mother of two, she admits she finds inspiration in her children. “They inspire me every day with their curious outlook on life and all the funny things they say,” she gushed in an interview with the Printed blog. “Their colorful toys and books give me so much inspiration too,” she adds. “Dick Bruna is one of my favorites, as well as all the bold colors and patterns from the 70s.” 

Here are some of our favorite creations by her: