The Teeny-Tiny Embroideries of Irem Yazici

Self-taught fiber artist, Irem Yazici, is known for her teeny-tiny embroideries, some as small as a pin. Based in Eskisehir, Turkey, her artistic journey began in 2014 after a general interest in crafts lead her to embroidery. “My first works were a recoil of embroidery being used for only traditional and decorative purposes,” she shared with Textile Artist. “The idea of mixing the inherent tradition of embroidery with modern ideas seemed interesting to me.”

Now her studio practice is divided into two parts: making embroidered accessories on the one hand, and one of a kind artworks on the other. “I try to use different embroidery techniques together,” she explains. “Enriching texture to give it a visual dynamism is very important for me.”

The finished product is a combination of illustration and embroidery, color and texture. “Mostly I try to use embroidery techniques on patterns that match their real-life texture,” notes Yazici. “I enjoy combining these traditional techniques with modern patterns. I also like fancy and intricate embroideries and I wouldn’t hesitate to decorate my works with sequins and beads.”

Her work consists of quirky and surreal worlds and characters – a dreamy landscape where magic is possible. “Even if I don’t know where to place my work within contemporary art right now, I do think they share similar characteristics with both illustration and fiber art and I try to achieve a balance between them,” says Yazici.