Artist Creates Fluid Paintings and Landscapes

The gifted Britnie Walston has been an artist for more than a decade and has done numerous artwork. She describes herself as a “versatile, but primarily a traditional and abstract artist, capturing energy through light, vibrant color, depth, and texture.”

Currently, she is creating fluid paintings and landscapes mixing each individual color using acrylic paint, floetrol, and water.

“In addition, I also mix pouring medium, followed by a few drops of silicone into select colors. A chemical reaction is created by air bubbles while mixing, the addition of silicone oil, and water. Together, they create ‘cell-like’ forms,” the artist shared on Bored Panda and added that to reach the abstract look, she uses a blow torch or heat gun to bring out the cells.

“I also achieve different designs and textures using household objects such as strainers, straws, and frosting spatulas. The emotions during the creating process, are reflected in my work.”

You can see the final result on her social media accounts where she posts images of her creations, her online store, and on her YouTube channel where she shares tutorials, DIY’s, and other tricks and tips.

Check out her art below.