These Adorable Animals are Painted on Stones and Pebbles

Japanese artist Akie Nakata was drawn to art and nature from a tender age, so it comes as no surprise that she loves combining the two.

Painting mostly animals, she doesn’t adhere to the traditional rules of art making. Her adorable creations aren’t painted on canvas but on small stones and pebbles.

Nakata claims she’s been collecting stones ever since she was young. But then, in 2011, she had a revelation. Finding a stone in a river bank that reminded her of a rabbit, she began her artistic journey.

In her Facebook page, Nakata explains that the stones themselves tell her their story, she simply gives them their life.

According to her, she chooses pebbles that already resemble in shape certain animals. She then paints on them, using acrylic paint. Her adorable looking creations are highly realistic. From small mammals to tiny sea creatures, Nakata makes sure to pour her love into each of her creations.

Scroll down to see some of her work. Which one is your favorite?

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At first, thank you very much for many support for small-scale exhibition of my work in Japan. also of a break from updating this artist page of mine (especially really thank you very, very much warm kindness for my illness). Today, finally I could ship my 20 pieces for the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza. (Unfortunately the 20 pieces are all intended for a gallery exhibition in Japan, so not available) please wish luck for them. thank you very, very much for everything! Exhibition featuring: Yoshiro Iwaisako & Akie Mr. Yoshiro Iwaisako, the main artist featured in this exhibition, is a sculptor who uses resin and other materials in addition to metals. Please enjoy viewing his wonderful art that focuses on characters and personalities of animals, that look like they might start telling their stories as you stand in front of them. Dates: Wednesday, April 18 – Tuesday, May 8 Time: 10:30 – 20:00 Venue: “Japan Edition” section, 7th floor, Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza Akie is scheduled to be at the venue on: Dates: April 18, 22, 26 & April 30, May 4 & 8 Time: 13:00 – 16:00 on each of the above dates This three-week long exhibition will feature Yoshiro Iwaisako as the main artist, and on the side, Akie will exhibit about 20 pieces, available for sale. Please drop by if you happen to be in the area. (Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza is right close by Metro Ginza station) お陰様で本日無事20作品を発送しました。画像は梱包直前に撮影した集合写真です。 18日から特集が始まります。詳細は投稿下部をご覧ください。メイン作家 祝迫先生の立体造形作品の隣でそっとお待ちしております。 どうぞよろしくお願い致します。 (展示即売につきお取置き以外は即お引渡しとなります。詳細はお電話でお問合せください) ↓↓特集の詳細↓↓ 特集「祝迫芳郎 x Akie」展 会期:4月18日~5月8日 時間:10:30~20:00 場所:銀座三越7F 問合:03-3535-1706(初日のみお取置き不可) Akie在廊日 4月18,22,26,30日 5月4,8日 各日13:00~16:00 #stoneart #stonepainting #rockart #rockpainting #wildlife #animal #fineart #art #akie #exhibition

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