These Beer Cans Feature Dogs That Are up for Adoption

Dog adoption is a real issue; so many dogs don’t get a loving home as quickly as they deserve, but this brewery is here to help. 4 Luv of Dog Rescue and Fargo Brewing Company teamed up to help some of the pups find their new homes sooner by placing their photos on beer cans.

The rescue group from North Dakota and this amazing brewery figured out they can “promote” the dogs by placing their photos on beer cans. They focused on dogs that are already having a hard time finding new family due to breed, age, or behavioral issues.

The beer cans feature photos of six dogs from the 4 Luv of Dog shelter – Hobie, Bizzy, Virginia, Nyx, Jensen, and Moby. “We hope that having these dogs featured on the cans will help raise awareness and shine a spotlight on them where they might normally have been overlooked,” Fargo’s representative said.

How amazing is this idea?