These Mesmerizing Sculptures Mix Fantasy with Reality

Artist Ellen Jewett one of a kind sculptures that mix fantasy with reality. Her porcelain sculptures feature land and sea animals taken out of context. Bats grow out of a cat’s body, a forest sprouts of a turtle’s head.

Her sculptures are created with great skill, coated in polymer, and crafted with fine details such as feathers and fins. Asked how she creates such fine art pieces, the sculpture answered: “very carefully!”

“Plants and animals have always been the surface on which humans have etched the foundations of culture, sustenance, and identity,” the artist wrote on her website. “For myself, natural forms are a continual source of fascination and deep aesthetic pleasure.”

The result? Eerie looking creatures that will mesmerize you. “Many of these components are microcosmic representations of plants, animals and objects,” writes the artist. “Some are beautiful, some are grotesque and some are fantastical.”

Check out some of her awe inspiring creations below.