These Volunteers Watch Over the Animals of India

It’s pretty easy to become cynical in our world, where selfishness and cruelty are so pervasive. But every once in a while comes a story that restores our faith in humanity. Such is the story of Animal Aid Unlimited.

Based in Udaipur, India, Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. India’s attitude towards animals is pretty unique – animals are viewed as a natural part of everyday life, even in urban areas. So it’s not uncommon to see packs of dogs, a bull or a donkey walking the streets of Udaipur, and they aren’t considered “strays”. 

But that doesn’t mean these animals don’t need help sometimes. The streets can be dangerous, and accidents can happen. Sometimes a puppy will get sick, a bull will get stuck in a narrow alley, or a donkey will get hurt. But what do you do when you hear the cries of a scared, hurt animal? In Udaipur, you call AAU. 

The volunteers of UUA will arrive with their veterinary ambulance to take in the animal and get it to their headquarters, where it will receive medical care. Then, depending on the severity of each case, the animal will be taken in for rehabilitation. This can take anywhere between a few days and months, but the folks of AAU will not give up on any animal. They not only treat their physical wounds but also help the animals recover from any emotional trauma, with cuddles and kisses and all-round loving care. 

When the animal is ready, it will be set free again, happy and healthy. And if anything happens again, AAU will be there to treat the wounds and heal with love.