This Anonymous Brooklynite Spends Her Nights Smashing Her Face Into Bread

Image via breadfaceblog/Instagram

Bread Face is one of the strangest accounts you could find on social media – and, surprisingly, one of the most successful out there.

The anonymous New Yorker behind the brand has been uploading videos of herself smashing her face into bread for the past 5 years. She gives no explanation to her strange hobby, which hasn’t stopped her from becoming a social media sensation with almost 200k followers on Instagram. Apparently, there’s a market for facial-bread-smashing on the internet.

Bread Face has remained anonymous until today but has provided a few clues about her hobby in a few interviews over the years. It all started with a Korean green tea roll – Bread Face suspected rolling her face in the soft, fluffy bread would feel nice. She simply gave in to her impulses. And she was right, it did feel nice.

She then thought it could become a fun little online side project – she would record her bread smashing sessions and share them on social media. She thought it would be funny. What she didn’t expect, however, is the outpouring of adoration she would receive. She quickly gained tens of thousands of followers who couldn’t wait to see what bread she’d smash her face into next. It resonated with folks looking for some light comedy as well as ASMR followers, who enjoyed the ambiance and noises of Bread Face’s bread-smashing.

Today she keeps on posting her videos and smashing bread. There’s no telling what she has planned next, but one thing’s for sure – she has no intention of stopping with her bread-smashing any time soon.