This Artist Creates a Parallel Universe Composed of All the Colors of the Rainbow

Spanish painter and sculptor Okuda San Miguel is known for his distinctive style of colorful geometric patterns that portray animals, skulls, religious iconography, and human figures. His distinctive style of geometric harmonies emboldened with intense colors can make his artworks feel like they’re from a parallel universe.

In his work, rainbow geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals, and symbols that encourage reflection. His works (that might be categorized as Pop Surrealism meets Street Art), aims at raising questions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the contradictions of society’s false freedom. “My work is more related to surrealism and pop-art, which I discovered in school, than to street art or what is known as contemporary art,” he explained in an interview with Design Boom.

Not shying from making a statement, his work also includes massive murals as well as a number of churches, transformed into colorful installations. “I love to work on a large scale because it’s more breathtaking and I prefer to select this size of the project,” he admitted.

“I usually don’t do sketches for big murals,” he adds. “I love to draw directly on the walls and keep creating and improvising during the process. I need to see in person the whole architecture and try to play with that. when I do sculptures I need to sketch and then take it to my team to work it out in 3D. depending on the project, I have about 4 assistants that help me with everything.”

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