Anamorphic Artist Creates Amazing 3D Paintings

Leon Keer is an anamorphic artist who also creates stunning 3D street art. His work is one of the best in the industry, and he has gathered a large fan base who love his work. This artist does not only work with creating 3D art; he has branched into creating art that works with augmented reality.

To view this street art, viewers will have to download a mobile app before going through that mural. The mural was created in Pessac, France and it is truly a sight to behold. Still, without the app, the mural still has some features of a 3D painting.

Keer has worked on several art pieces that incorporate augmented reality. There have been lots of artworks in the public space which are activated by apps on tablets and phones. We found some of the best work on his social media page. Scroll below to see them.