Artist Reimagines Paper as Nature

Paper is one of the most versatile mediums available for artists – it can be cut, glued, drawn upon, it can be turned into mash, patched together, folded. Some art forms are hundreds of years old and are based in tradition, and some – like Richard Wong’s paper miniatures – are all about innovation.

Wong is an artist based in Perth Australia, who specializes in paper art. He uses colorful Bristol board to create tiny sculptures. More traditional paper art sticks to one technique to create intricate paper sculptures – Origami artist, for example, never cut or glue their paper, only fold it. Wong, on the other hand, uses whatever technique he finds useful for his sculptures.

Wong’s art focuses on nature. He creates schools of fish, potted plants, tiny hedgehogs – and they’re all surprisingly realistic! The only thing that discloses the fact that these are statues and not actual animals or plants is the fact that they’re tiny. You’ll notice that most of Wong’s creations on Instagram are shot when they’re held in the palm of his hand or balance on the tip of his finger – which only makes the art even more impressive, as he has to get all those little details right on a tiny scale!