This Bed Allows Your Pet to Sit On the Iron Throne

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, the popular HBO series, you can create your own ending. This pet bed gives you the opportunity to choose who sits on the iron throne. Your pet can lead Westeros from their little iron throne.

This pet bed was created by Kate Agafonova, a Ukraine based designer. It may not look like the actual iron throne which was made with swords, but it comes close in terms of comfort. When winter comes, you fluffy little friend will have a warm and cozy play to lay his head.

The pet bed from Madeforpets is made from soft foam rubber. It also features a neat textile covering. The pieces are decorated with faux silver swords as well as a soft central pillow. Cats would love this bed, especially because its material supports paw massages. Also, two small pets fit inside the bed perfectly. See some pictures of the bed below.