Artist Puts Movie Serial Killers in Hilarious and Contrasting Posters

“Happy thoughts.”

That’s one thing that most therapists will tell you every time you feel like wanting to think of negative things. Or, even if it’s not a therapist, it’s something that you have probably told yourself many times over in the past, especially when you’re watching something disturbing or scary like a horror movie.

But, did you know that there’s an even more effective way to get over being scared of horror movies?

How? By turning the monsters into something hilarious.

That’s exactly what Alexandre Perez did when he created contrasting photos of movie history’s most prolific serial killers. This includes a long list of who’s who in the world of serial killers, like Samara from “The Ring” to Ghostface of the “Scream” franchise.

If you’re ever curious about watching horror movies but have a hard time convincing yourself that they’re worth watching, then be sure to head on over to Alexandre Perez’s page.

There’s a huge chance that you won’t be seeing those scary monsters the same way anymore.