This Cat’s Life is Better Than Yours

Ever saw a pet cat or dog and thought what a good life they have? They don’t have to worry about anything, all of their needs are fulfilled by their adoring owners, and they have no obligations. Life as a pet of a loving human is truly heaven on earth.

Grisu is one of these lucky feline companions who gets to live his best life with his human, Alessandra. He’s a Kurilian Bobtail, a feral-looking breed of cats, and he and Alessandra live in Liguria, a region in Italy.

Grisu has a long, soft fur and a beautiful face, and like most cats of his breed, he’s smart, independent and playful. Alessandra adores him, and is there to capture every photo-worthy moment in his life – and there are a lot of photo-worthy moments. And It’s not a one-sided relationship either: Grisu is a very affectionate cat who loves spending time with his human, playing, cuddling and just hanging out. The two are a team, and they work great together.

Alessandra started sharing Grisu’s shenanigans with the world through social media. Her Instagram account has over 60 thousand followers who follow Grisu around as he takes hikes, plays with his toys, naps, and cuddles with Alessandra. Check out some of Grisu’s adventures down below!

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