This Chunky Cat’s Weight Loss Journey Will Inspire You to Start Eating Healthy

It took Bronson’s parents five minutes to fall in love with him in the shelter – but they knew that they had a long journey ahead of them to make Bronson a truly happy, healthy cat.

Almost two years ago, cat lover Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman decided to adopt a new cat. They already had two cats and wanted to add a new member to the family. When they got to the local shelter, they immediately fell in love with a gentle giant named Bronson. Bronson was a ginger cat who loved to play with humans and to cuddle. But he had one small problem – he was huge.

Bronson’s inactive lifestyle and fondness of food had resulted in an incredible weight increase – he weighed 33 pounds at the time, about three times more than average! Luckily, Mike knew exactly what to do. He makes his living building cat furniture design to promote activity for indoor cats. He wanted to help Bronson live his life to the fullest, so he and Megan took him in and immediately started working to get him to his goal weight, with physical exercise and a special diet.

Today Bronson is down to 21 lbs, and is becoming more active every day! his new physique allows him to move around more easily and enjoy life to the fullest. He still has a long way ahead of him, but with Mike and Megan’s support and dedication, he is sure to reach his goal and be the happy, athletic cat he can be!

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Bronson pre-neck and post-neck

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