Meghan Shimek Makes Large Woven Wall Hangings

Fiber artist Meghan Shimek is known for her large scale woven wall hangings and sculptures. Raised in Michigan, and currently based in Oakland, California, Shimek studied history and nutrition before discovering her true passion in weaving.

“Weaving has definitely become my life’s work,” she admitted in an interview with The Project for Women. “I started weaving in February 2013 when I was visiting my family in Michigan. I took a scarf weaving class and was completely hooked. Ever since I have been taking as many weaving classes as I can and reading books and trying out different techniques.”

Since dedicating herself fully to fiber work, she has studied tapestry and Navajo weaving, rigid heddle, and floor loom weaving, developing her own signature weaving style over several years. Exploring organic movement, Shimek’s weaving style allows the fibers to fall into an indeterminate pattern that reveals the beauty and vulnerability of her materials.

I am extremely inspired by nature,” she says. “Since I began weaving I have met so many incredibly talented artists, both weavers and in other disciplines,” she adds. “I wasn’t an artist before I started weaving and honestly felt pretty intimidated to jump in and meet all these people who have been working in these fields for years! The weaving community especially has been amazing. All these wonderful people sharing their work and explaining techniques, it really resonates with me.”

With more than 60k fans on Instagram, the weaving community definitely accepts her as their own. Today, Shimek exhibits her work, creates commissions, and teaches weaving workshops across the world. You can also follow her creative journey via Instagram.