This Mesmerizing Clip Shows How Teapots are Made

The use of clay in modeling is not a recent practice and has been going on for centuries. Before machines were invented, clay molding was carried out manually.

However, very few people still employ the manual means of carrying out clay molding today, as technology evolved. At the moment, different types of machines are being used around the world for that effect. The use of these machines has really helped in making the process more comfortable, as well as, increasing productivity.

From the video below, we can see a man using a few tools to mold a teapot from a chocolate-like substance, known as Yixing clay. The process looks really fast and easy (but we know it must be hard!). The tools were really helpful in making this pot come out its best.

The Yixin clay was first discovered near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province, which is located in China.

Watch the video below.