5-Year-Old Boy With Autism Paints Unique Paintings

Tristan is a five-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, but that doesn’t stop him from creating beautiful and unique paintings to express himself.

Tristan’s mom told Bored Panda that her son took up this hobby upon seeing his sister painting one day. At first, she felt awkward when her son, who’s having difficulty with motor skills, asked if he could also paint. But then she realized that Tristan was capable of doing anything, but only in a different way.

This very next day this talented boy got his first acrylic colors and he immediately started “splashing, dripping and spraying the pictures”, as his mother said. “For Tristan as an autistic child, creating these paintings in his own unique style and for us to enjoy, is priceless and we believe very therapeutic for him. His movements and actions when he is expressing himself and his thoughts through his art are really quite magical.”

The proud parents are now sharing Tristan’s art with the world to show how special he is. They also want to encourage other people who have children with special needs to give them the opportunity to express themselves.

Check out Tristan’s unique paintings in the photos below.