This Twitter Account Collects Hilarious Drawings of Animals

You don’t need to have a degree in art to became famous in the internet world – it’s all about having fun. If your drawing is funny enough to catch people’s attention, then you are on the right path.

There are many Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ‘untalented’ users who share their hilarious illustrations of everyday life. For example, a teacher called Tim Raymond from Seoul, South Korea doesn’t know how to draw, but he still illustrates his struggles with mental health, and his followers are loving it! There are also many pages that gather these images and share them with the world. Just like Poorly Drawn Animals.

Poorly Drawn Animals is a Twitter account that collects and shares, you have guessed right: poorly drawn animals. They are inviting social media users to draw an animal and submit it with the image they tried to draw. The best ones will be posted on their account.

If you are interested to see some of the images, just keep on scrolling.