Check Out Hungry The Remarkable Drag Queen

Hungry is a drag queen with more than 454 thousand Instagram followers. She knew she wanted to be a gueen after she visited a drag show in Berlin back in 2014.

However, her looks are quite unusual; she uses her face to create distorted and surreal makeup looks. Studying fashion design and being an intern at Vivienne Westwood helped her discover herself.

“It started out as a hobby and then got very therapeutic,” Hungry shared in an interview for Indie. “By the time I moved to the UK, I already was pretty known in the Berlin scene, partly because it was a very small scene at that point and partly because I brought something different. Back in Berlin a year later the current Hungry surfaced with ‘distorted drag’ ranging from very insect-like drag to my own interpretations of gods.”

According to her, she needs around two and a half hours to do her makeup, and as for her costumes, a full look takes about a week, sewing it from scratch.

To see more of Hungry’s creations, have a look at her Instagram account.