This YouTube Channel Will Turn You Into an Origami Master In No Time

The art of Origami is an age-old Japanese tradition that combines that translate the beauty of nature with human ingenuity and talent. Origami masters take square pieces of paper and fold them in many different, complex ways to create tiny paper statues of animals, plants, and other objects.

There are very few rules to origami, but they’re hard to follow as they are strict: you can only fold the paper. Cutting it or using glue is frowned upon. Need to make a hole in the middle of your sheet of paper? you’ll have to fold your way to that hole. Need to connect one piece of paper with another? Fine, make the right fold to keep those to pieces together.

 It’s not an easy art, and it takes time to learn how to manipulate the paper properly. Luckily, we don’t have to but books or go to classes – we have the internet! Jo Nakashima’s YouTube channel is dedicated to Origami video tutorials that will help even a total newbie to get the hang of things. And if even if you don’t want to do it yourself – watching the videos and seeing how regulars pieces of paper magically turn into your favorite animal or a beautiful flower is just as fun!