This YouTuber Turned “Coolness” into a Career

There are plenty of paths for success in life, and being cool isn’t usually one of them – that’s what most parents will tell you, anyway. But one girl has turned coolness into art – and became a star overnight.

Emma Chamberlain is an 18 years old YouTube star from San Bruno, California. Like most teens these days, she grew up with social media – YouTube was launched when she was just five years old, and her pass-time as a child was watching YouTubers.

So it wasn’t too surprising when at age fifteen she decided to try and make it on YouTube herself. She started posting videos daily, focusing on her day-to-day experiences and making fun of the more nonsensical aspects of her life.

Then, one day, she posted a video titled We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology, where she ranted about the amazing (and ridiculous) finds we can only get at dollar stores. The video went viral, gaining thousands of views. In one month, she went from having 4,000 subscribers to having 150,000 – and her YouTube career finally started gaining momentum.

Today, just three years after that first video, she has a whopping 8.5 million subscribers and is being featured in media outlets across America. Recently she was even featured on the front page of Cosmopolitan! She’s still creating funny, quirky videos, and proves that sometimes, all you need to become a start is a decent sense of humor.