Swedish Chef Emma Bengtsson Arranges Food Beautifully

Swedish chef Emma Bengtsson recently started working in New York, where she now works as the executive chef of Aquavit restaurant. Growing up in a small fishing village, she picked up the love for cooking from her grandmother. She attended the International Restaurant School in Stockholm when she was 16 and started working at the only 2 Michelin-starred restaurant in the country, Edsbacka Krog, as a pastry chef. 

Bengtsson knows how to perfectly arrange food which is what brought our attention to her Instagram account. She’s a natural talent when it comes to arranging colors and textures. “It doesn’t always have to be bright red or green… I firmly believe that brown and white and (subtler shades) are in the color aspect of a plate,” My Modern Met quoted her. Find inspiration for arranging food on this talented chef’s Instagram page.