Toronto Baker is Creating the Most Adorable Animal Macarons You’ll Ever See

There’s just something about macarons that makes them incredibly pleasing to the eye, but none of them are more colorful and adorable than the ones designed by the creative Toronto baker who you can find on Instagram under the name Melly Eats World.

Melly’s take on the beloved French pastry became such an online sensation that she ended up attracting 180,000 followers on Instagram, but you’ll have to look twice to realize they’re macarons in the first place.

The most impressive part of the whole story is that Melly isn’t even a pro baker! She was working as a law clerk when she started her culinary adventure and baking was just something she did in her free time.

Her designs show a lot of attention to detail, and it takes her 6-10 hours to finish two dozen of her signature macarons from scratch to finish. That’s part of the reason why she’s not scared about anyone stealing her ideas – even if they managed to pull it off, it wouldn’t pay off to sell them.