Turkish Artist Turns Boring Clothes Into Pieces Of Art

Daria Kurtulmus is an artist from Turkey, who proved, with her inspiring work, that even the most basic clothes can be turned into beautiful pieces of art.

Kurtulmus uses fabric colors to paint on t-shirts, hoodies and button-up shirts and her artwork is mostly inspired by pop culture. “I am an artist who gets bored painting on paper and canvas. I discovered fabric paints and decided to create a collection of wearable art”, Kurtulmus wrote for Bored Panda.

“I draw inspiration for my designs from current trends such as music videos, movies, celebrities, and Instagram trends. I use fabric paints for painting, so clothes I create are not only unique and eye-catching but wearable and washable as well.”

Her creative designs are something you cannot find in stores these days, so take a close look at these amazing creations.