Uncle Makes Creative Packaging for Cash Inspired by Old School Toys

Image via @TwoClawsMedia/Twitter

What do you do when your nieces and nephews ask for cash for Christmas and you don’t think that’s personal enough? According to this creative guy, you invent a unique way to pack it!

Donnachaidha Ó Chionnaigh is a graphic designer and video editor who found himself in front of an unusual challenge right before Christmas. Since his nephews and nieces didn’t want gifts for Christmas, only cash, he thought about finding a way to pack it in an unusual and memorable way. He designed the “packaging” inspired by old-school toys and the way they were packed. He put the cash inside little plastic boxes and glued them to the rest of the package.

We think this is awesome and that it’s definitely the thought that counts, plus the kids got exactly what they wanted for Christmas!