Artist Creates Unbelievably Realistic Drawings of Animals

Discovering new talented artists who are doing their best to make the world a better place with their gifts is our favorite thing in the world. In case you share this passion, you’ll be happy to meet a young talented artist called Haruki Kudo who creates incredibly realistic animal portraits.

This 18-year-old Japanese artist, known as kudoharu125 on Instagram, is using only colored pencils to create drawings that look like real photographs. Once you see his hyperrealistic portraits of cats, eagles, dogs, and other animals, you’ll have a hard time realizing these are in fact drawings.

“I started drawing about two years ago and I was fascinated by the fun,” the artist shared with the readers of Bored Panda.

Creating these incredibly detailed drawings requires a lot of time, patience and, above all – skill. Fortunately, Kudo has all that it takes for a bright career as an artist. Oddly enough, the artist has only 2,500 followers on Instagram, but we’re sure this number will grow rapidly in the future.

Take a look at his awesome animal portraits in the photos below.