Family Of Five Share Tips on How To Travel With Carry On Only

The Smith Family is a family of five Australians who love to explore and take on adventures as often as they can. They travel with carry on only plus a wheelchair. The Melbourne-based Andrew, Bron, Cooper, Pepper, and Elwood share their adventures on their Instagram account, Smithsholidayroad.

Recently, they shared on Bored Panda 10 great tips on how to travel carry on only.

“1. Get packing cubes! We have a cube each and whatever can’t fit in there stays behind! It also makes packing and unpacking super easy!

2. Keep your liquids under 100ml! Get some travel sized containers and top up while we travel. This is where a bar of shampoo comes in handy.

3. Book accommodation with a washing machine! Or use local laundry’s especially across Asia!

4. Wear your heaviest clothes on the flight. Jumpers and jackets and they can double up as a pillow.

5. Put together 3 outfits including underwear and stick to that. Clothing that has multiple uses.

6. Take a light weight sarong to use as a blanket, skirt, towel, sun shield, cover up at temples.

7. Limit your purchase of souvenirs. We buy a magnet from each destination and that’s about it.

8. Take books on your device and download Netflix or podcasts to watch without Wi-Fi.

9. Do a trial pack and weigh your bag before going to the airport.

10. More underwear less clothes to feel fresh – it’s light and use a travel washing line for a quick sink wash!”

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