Watercolor Portraits That Explore Human Emotions By Miroslav Zgabaj

“What can be read from the human face?” Slovakia-based artist Miroslav Zgabaj tried to answer this question with his latest series of watercolor portraits. His paintings in soft blue and grey hues show people in their most vulnerable states of sadness, anger or loneliness.

In this interesting project, Zgabaj is trying to explore how people’s facial expressions change depending on their emotions and physical state.

“I am fascinated by the human body, especially by faces and the emotions that a person is experiencing internally,” the artist wrote on his website. “My creative production revolves around realism – a person, and abstract expression – emotions. I try to capture the elusive moments in people’s lives and create the atmosphere for enhancing emotion.”

It’s interesting that Zgabaj is, in fact, a self-taught artist, yet he is so skilled to leave us speechless with his exquisite portraits that show a wide palette of human emotions.

Take a look at his artwork in the photos below.