Artist Illustrates Her Darkest Thoughts

Image via Chrissy McYoung - Illustrator/Facebook

According to her Facebook bio, illustrator Chrissy McYoung is an artist who “draws stuff, and makes stuff, and creates stuff, and designs stuff, and paints stuff”.

Recently, she created a series of drawings where she illustrated her personal frustrations and experience with dark thoughts. In the beginning, she just wanted to share the images with her friends, but in the end, she got the courage to post it so everyone she knew can see it.

“When other people saw the work, they connected with the stories from their viewpoint,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “Talking about suicide and people’s experience is very important. I want to continue creating my images to hopefully be able to help and reach out to others struggling with dark and suicidal thoughts.”

Her plan is to make 52+ cards with images and words to help support people who are feeling low with thoughts of suicide.

If you are interested to see her work, check out the gallery below.