We Sense a Pattern with Charlotte Jade’s Designs

One thing is evident when scrolling through Charlotte Jade’s Instagram page: her love of patterns. Centered around the natural world, her hand-drawn patterns, featured on anything from wallpapers to textiles and stationery, are meant to bring the beauty of the outside world inside.

Founded in 2015, Jade offers an eye-catching range of hand-drawn designs that celebrate the fascinating plants and animals living on our planet. By celebrating the shapes, forms, patterns, textures, and colors prevalent in our natural environment, she hopes to restore our affinity with nature.

“I hand draw all my designs, which creates quite a personal feel to my designs,” she relays the creative process in an interview with Jung Katz. “I then apply color (which is generally quite bold) and edit these hand-drawn images digitally using photoshop.” According to Jade, she enjoys combining hand drawings with digital design, to create her eye-popping repeated patterns. “My work is quite detailed and I generally use a pencil to create my patterns, however, I do enjoy combining pencil and paint, as I feel these two mediums create quite unique pattern designs,” she explains.

Inspired by plants, foliage, flowers, animals, she’s also fond of geometric prints and also designs that are inspired by natural textures. Fashion is another huge inspiration for Jade, as she loves keeping up to date with styles from the runway and current fashion trends. 

Her luxury design collections are available on wallpaper, textiles, upholstery fabrics, furniture, cushions, ceramic tiles, and flooring, with all products printed and made in the UK. Here are some of our favorites: